Food and Drink

Our apartment was just a few blocks’ walk to ‘downtown’ Västerås.  Every few days, I walked to the grocery store (usually the Coop in the Igor building).  The Coop was in the lower level of the building, right next to a Systembolaget, the liquor store.  Shopping for wine and beer is so easy in Sweden.  The merchandise is arranged as you would expect: beer in one area, spirits in another, and wine in a third area.  But it goes further.  Everything is labeled with a price (of course), a description (handy, but in Swedish), an animal symbol (to let you know how to pair it), and a flag (for country in which it was produced).  The wine bottles are further organized on the shelves by price: 0 – 69sek, 70 – 99sek, 100+ sek.  Wines in each price range are divided by type of grape. This makes wine shopping so easy.

As I mentioned, I walked to the store so my purchases were limited to what I could carry home.  When we made dinner for guests, I would make a few trips to the store.  I wonder just what the Systembolaget cashiers thought when I made multiple purchases in one day, just separated by an hour or so. Did they think that I left, consumed what I had purchased, and came back for more?

This is an item in the Systembolaget. Do you see the label as 'Cid' or a winky-smiley face?

Alcohol free beer with the perfect name: Nanny State.

Great label, isn't it?

This is as close to aquavit as I chose to get

Look at the pic - pepper or rabbit poop?

Sour cream and béarnaise? The next chip craze? (I didn't try them, for the record)

Admit it - you want one of these fridges in your kitchen, don't you? I do!


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