That’s Super!

It was very easy to settle in to life in Sweden.  We pretty much picked up where we left off last visit.  We had already purchased the extras we needed for our apartment (like cooking utensils , towels, etc) and we brought some items that were hard to find (aluminum foil – the Swedish foil is like mylar), ziplic baggies, decaf coffee (Karen on a lot of caffeine is not fun – for everyone else 🙂 ).

After a wonderful few days in Norway, we came back to our Swedish home just in time for the Super Bowl.  We could watch it on Swedish tv – LIVE!  We invited a few guests: another American family in Västerås for Avure and Swedish friends who lived in The States for a few years.  Alas, it ended up just being Chris and me because the game aired live.  That meant it started at midnight and went till about 4am, local time.  Well, Chris and I were not deterred.  We had a great time!  We settled in, enjoyed some traditional Super Bowl fare (Iike guacamole) and watched the game.  The only thing missing were the American ads.  When the game went to commercial, we had Swedish ads and the local Swedish commentators.  In Swedish.  So, I pulled out my computer, got on to Youtube, and we watched the American ads during the commercial breaks.  Wow, some of the ads were great!  Then at halftime, we set an alarm and took a 30 minute nap.  It was after all, the middle of the night and Chris had to go to work in the morning.  I have to say, it was a great game and a fun way to watch it.

I have no photos from the super bowl, but here is our living room.



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