Round 2

Seems like we just returned from Europe and I was packing the suitcase again.  Time to head back to Sweden!  Once again, Chris will work out of the Swedish office and I will go along for the ride.

Our flights were uneventful and we settled in to our apartment right away.  We are a few blocks closer to ‘downtown’ than we were last time, and the location is great.

We set out on our first adventure after just a few days.  We joined some of Chris’s collegues on their annual ski/snowboard trip. In Norway.  Yup, Norway!  We packed up a suitcase, climbed in to Jonas’s car, and off we went.  I knew we were in with a good group when we stopped at a bakery along the way. I didn’t know any of these people (yet), so I controlled my inner-baking-student and refrained from photographing the pastries for my school work.  The drive was far from uneventful – we saw a moose walking across the road (beautiful) and we stopped to help rescue another driver in our group.  She spun out on an icy road and landed in a snowbank.  But, after a five hour drive, we were in Trysill, Norway.

through the window

Our Trysill home. Oh, and me.

A typical day found us discussing the temps at breakfast  (Oh, let’s wait until it warms up to -24 before we hit the slopes.  -24!!  Okay, that is C, but is cccold even in F: -11.  I now like to quote the temp in my own way: x°FC.  That would be however many degrees, f’ing cold.  I mean really?  -24?!?)

Our group numbered 12 in all.  We’d spend the day on the slopes and all meet back at the house for dinner.  And not just any old dinner.  This group divided up the tasks and every night we enjoyed a three course dinner.  It was wonderful!  Everyone spoke English all through dinner so Chris and I were included.  After dinner, Chris and I would retire so they could revert to conversing in Swedish.  And because we were jet lagged.  Our first morning, Chris happened upon the remnants of the night before.  (for an alternative perspective, please read the photo’s caption)

Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of …

Oh, and this was the counter in one of the bathrooms.  Crack me up!

These people are serious!

Chris and Linda, the only snowboarders in the group, took me to the top of the mountain.  I was totally intimidated because we had to take the tbar to the top.  I had never used a tbar before, but with Linda’s guidance, I made it!  I didn’t fall off like I expected, and I was pretty pleased with that accomplishment.  What view from the top.  Totally worth my the (self-induced) stress on the tbar.

Chris and Linda atop Trysill

Me. A little ways down the mountain.

And here is the group.

The group at -26°C

Chris, Jonas, and I left Trysill right after this photo was taken.  That’s why Chris isn’t wearing snowboard gear in the photo.  We left a day earlier than the group – Jonas went home to spend Sunday with his family; Chris and I left to prepare for Superbowl Sunday.

It was ccccold outside and I ducked into the shop to warm up. I was totally amused by the helmet selection. Too bad I didn't need a new one!

I passed on this one, too!

Hej då (bye) beautiful Trysill, Norway!



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  1. Ann

    Love the pics!! Who’s Chris working for now?

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