Homework: Amazing desserts and other restaurant experiences

Along the way, my three Baers helped with my schoolwork.  Remember, I must get out and about, experience bakeries, sample baked goods, and summarize my experiences in essays for school.  This is homework.  And being the good students we Baers are, we take this homework stuff VERY seriously.

In Vienna, we researched baked goods at a number of places.  Vienna does do pastries well!  As you know, we checked out Cafe Diglas.  Forget about the bathroom  – the foodie experience was fabulous!  We walked into a very crowded restaurant and were immediately swept up in the hustle and bustle.  We were seated at a ‘four top’ which probably should have been a table for two, or even one!  We were surrounded by other tables in a small corner of the restaurant.  It was cozy (squished) and hectic and loud and fun!  Really fun!  We sampled some tasty local treats and found that Max’s soup was the best choice.  But, I ended up with the primo seat at the table.  I had a perfect view of the pastry display and of the video.  Yes, video.  They showed the bakers making their desserts.  Oh my gosh – it was perfect for Karen-the-baking-student.

Delivery from the central bakery to Cafe Diglas in Josephstadt (sorry to capture the delivery man)

Baked apples

You know Vienna does good pastries (understatement!), but Vienna also does a fabulous job on their shop windows.  Check out the displays we spied.

A wonderful window display at a local bakery.

Hilarious! Check out the dinner guests. Some have passed out!

Jagermeister, wine, barf bucket… must have been some party!

Also – one evening during dinner at Yam, our waitress took a moment to teach us a little German.  When she taught us to say thank you, she (of course) said ‘danke’.  We, being language-mangling Americans, thought this word was pronounced ‘Don – kah’: first syllable sounding like want without the T and the second syllable sounding like the name of the snake in “Bear Necessities”.  I know you know what I mean.  Anyway, Max observed that our waitress (and everybody else in Vienna) said danke made the word sound like Schreck calling his four-legged companion Donkey.  It was like ‘don-keh’.  And with that observation, we chuckled every time someone said danke.  Oh, and we made all sorts of Schreck references, too.    Go to 40seconds to hear Donkey/danke.

Oh, and one thing upon which I just must reflect:  we were in Prague for five days.  Five days and never once did we see the Festrunck brothers, Yortuk and Georg.  You know, the two swinging brothers from Czechoslovakia?  Two wild and crazy guys on Saturday Night Live. I guess we didn’t see them in Prague because they already moved to the United States. Our loss.  Seriously.


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