We landed upon Cafe Diglas – a true gem.  I promise to write more about our wonderful dining experience in a future post because that, my friends, is not the point of this post.  What would my blog be without a good bathroom story?  You know you’ve been waiting for another one.  Here it is.

Rachel left our lunch table, wove her way through the very crowded restaurant, and headed to the bathroom.  She made her way back  to our table as I walked to the bathroom.  She grabbed my arm when we passed and whispered, ‘Don’t worry about the bathroom, Mom.  Just remember to lock the door.’  And she walked off.

Say what?!?  I looked around the VERY crowded restaurant as I tried to make sense of her comment. Confused, I opened the bathroom door and immediately understood.  This is what I saw as I entered the bathroom and realized the entire restaurant could see in the open door behind me.

Really? This is the stall? Um. I don't think so. I can hold it. Really, I can hold it forever.

Um.  No.  I don’t think so!  But wait, Rachel told me to be sure to lock the door.  That must mean that she actually used this bathroom!  Well, I didn’t really know anybody out in the restaurant that would be able to see in, and I did have to go to the bathroom (that’s why I was in there, after all), so I forged on.  Guess what!  I locked the door and it looked like this from the outside:

Oh! This is the stall when the door is locked.

How cool is that? Privacy!  The door became opaque when locked.  Not such a big deal after all.  But it had me worried for a minute!  And in the end, I had another bathroom story for the blog.  At least this experience wasn’t as alarming as my bathroom break in the Västerås bus station!


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