On to Vienna!

Our time in Prague ended and we boarded the bus to Vienna.  For a baking student, Vienna is the motherland (just giving you fair warning that there WILL be foodie photos).  But first, another transportation tale.  This time luckily, we did not meet up with the transit authority.  No, this time, we met up with (cue the scary music)… the map.

We had a basic map provided by the hotel.  We exited our bus at the proper station and consulted the metro’s detailed map.  We figured out that we needed to take three different train lines to get close to our hotel.  Then, we walked about twenty blocks (toting our luggage) and found our hotel.  It was a schlep, true, but what else could we do?  At least that’s what we thought until we came out of our hotel the next morning, walked ONE BLOCK in the other direction, and found a station for the first line we rode the night before.  Oh ho!  Our first train would have gotten us within one block of our hotel.  If only we had known!  It left us wondering why the hotel’s map did not show that line or station.  Anyway, that just provided us with a good tale; no harm done.


In a word: Beautiful

In a song: Vienna Waits for You

In an emotion: sigh. Vienna’s architecture is breathtaking, its desserts delicious, and all four Baers together.  Deep, contented sigh.  🙂

Rathaus in the flurries

life imitating art

Hofburg Palace

And on to The Summer Palace:

In the gardens at The Summer Palace

The Summer Palace in December

Meanwhile, back at the hotel:

Max and Rachel try on their new matching outfits (a la 'Sound of Music').

One thing that had us laughing at the Summer Palace was Max’s photo bomb.  He took it to a new level.  As you know, photo bombers sneak into your photos and make a face or a gesture behind you as someone takes your photo.  You don’t know you have been photo bombed until later, when you check out your photos.  Well, Max’s take on it was a bit more upfront.  He just walked right up to people as they posed for a photo and posed with them.  I mean right in with the group, big smile and all.  It was hilarious!


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