You have to eat and drink to survive, right?  Well, here is a pictorial summary of  our survival in Prague.

Lattes and the best chocolate chip brioche ever (er, I mean school research).

Schoolwork takes commitment and dedication. I am so lucky to have their support!

Making the trdelnik (which are super yummy!)

The rods used in making trdelnik

About to power through our giraffe of beer at Pivovarsky Dum.

Na zdraví!

At the Strahov Monastic Brewery

Momma says, 'yeast is not for bread alone'.

Rachel took us down, down, down into what felt like a cave… for the best ever hot chocolate.

Being goofy at McDonalds (for dessert). Seriously - McDonalds McCafe. Their dessert presentation was beautiful, and the desserts were quite tasty. Really! Again, Chris, Rachel, and Max are only doing this to help me with my schoolwork! Another plus for the McCafe - free wifi!

I snapped this photo because Max requested I ‘get a photo of that girl and her wiener’.  There you have it.  Giggle.  Snort.

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