But really officer….

So, we had that one little mishap on the train in Berlin.  After that, our use of public transportation was uneventful.  We got a kick out of the super long escalators that took us down to  (or up from) the Prague subway trains.  They were so long and so steep that it looked like you were leaning instead of standing up straight.  Odd sensation.

One time, we exited one train and headed to a different part of the station to catch our next train.  The Prague stations are similar to others around the world – lots of people, lots of hustle and bustle.  Well, the four of us ended up walking kind of single file at one point.  I was directly behind Max; Rachel and Chris were a little bit ahead if us and we momentarily lost sight of them.

Suddenly, some man approached Max and said something in Czech (which we obviously didn’t understand).  He held out his hand and showed Max a small colored disc.  It resembled a large bottle cap or round brooch.  Max didn’t even break stride.  He looked at the man, put up his own hand, said ‘No thanks. I’m good’ and kept walking.

Yeah, that would have been fine if the man was a solicitor like Max thought.  But no.  He was a transit officer looking for Max’s valid train ticket.  Turns outs they had already stopped Chris and Rachel; we just hadn’t seen them.  The look on the transit officer’s face was priceless.  It only took a moment for me to realize what was happening and we all called to Max to return.  All ended well AND we had a good laugh.


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