We’re in Prague.  More importantly…. we’re with Rachel!!!  Yay.  All four Baers together.

I do have to tell you about our journey from Berlin to Prague.  We closed up our flat, turned in the keys and walked to the metro station.  We bought train tickets, just as we did our other days in Berlin.  But today, we only had enough coins to buy two passes; the machine would not accept bills or our credit cards (American cards lack the chip that European cards have).  We decided to board the train with only two passes.  We never saw anyone check tickets any of the other days we rode the train.  Never.  I know you  know where this is going.

We sat down, the train left the station, and two transit police officers made their way through our car.  UG!  We showed our two tickets to the officers and offered a calm explanation as to our lack of the third pass.  The stone-faced officers just looked at us, commented that we have only TWO passes.  Chris explained again how the machine would not accept bills or our cards.  The officer, again, commented that we only had two tickets for three people.  Let me tell you, these guys were kind of scary.  Definitely NOT Colonel Clink!  We went back and forth a few times.  Eventually, the lead guy handed back our two tickets, quietly told us it would be okay and dismissed us with a ‘bye, bye’.  Really, what are the odds?!?  Frankly, Chris and I concluded that the guys really didn’t speak English and just gave up on us.  Whew!

The rest of our journey went smoothly and we arrived at the Prague train station and quickly met Rachel.  Yay!

Max and Rachel reunited! Quite possibly the best photo of the whole trip (despite the blurriness).


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