I am a sloth

Hello again.  Well, I should say, guten tag!  Chris, Max, and I are in Berlin.  We booked this trip to Europe back when we booked Rachel’s flight to Prague.  I can’t believe the months have zipped by and we are finally on this trip.  Wow.

Max finished his first semester at WSU and came home for winter break.  He had a few days to hang with his friends (and sleep in) – it was great to have him home.  I finished up my quarter, and it was time for us to leave.  Berlin, then Prague (and Rachel!!), then Vienna (all four of us together), and home (also all four of us).

All roads lead to Pullman. Obviously.

First stop - Berlin

First stop – Berlin.  Actually, the first stop was Frankfurt airport.  We boarded our plane and were delayed over three hours.  No big deal actually.  We were all so sleep deprived on the flight from Seattle to Frankfurt (crying baby.  screaming, actually.) that the three of us sat down in the plane destined for Berlin and instantly fell asleep.   The crew came around every so often with beverages and chocolates.  All in all, the delay was no big deal: sleep, drink, eat chocolate – not bad!   Although we did worry Rachel – sorry Rach!  We settled in to our flat, enjoyed dinner at an Irish pub and called it a night.

I earned a new nickname – the sloth – because I slept in this morning.  Okay, forget the fact that I was up from 4am-6am (reading, planning to fall back to sleep).  Once I fell back to sleep, I slept hard (sleep of the dead) and didn’t wake up until about noon.  I slept later than Max!  And boy-oh-boy was I moving slowly when I finally woke up.  Hence, the nickname.  I am slothmom.    Watch out!  We are taking over!  Remember we are sloths, so we will do it slowly.

But hey, once we were all dressed and ready to go, we hit some great sites in Berlin.  We went to the Brandenberg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie (and the corresponding museum), the Holocaust memorial and its museum, the Reichstag (although we couldn’t go inside because we did not book a tour three days in advance), a lovely little coffee shop where our surly waitress earned herself the nickname Sunshine (sarcasm!), and enjoyed a little gluhwein at an outdoor stand.  We ended our day sharing pizza and beer at a wonderful restaurant near our flat and began planning tomorrow’s outings.

And… happy hanukkah!

Brandenberg Gate

Max and Chris at the Brandenberg Gate



Checkpoint Charlie

Our first taste of Gluhwein


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