East and West

Our final day in Berlin and we made the most of it.  We started the day at the train station buying tickets for our trip to Prague.  Yes- we will take the train tomorrow — to RACHEL!!  We can’t wait.

But first, we had another day here in Berlin and we took in a few sights.  The Pergamon Museum houses wonderful artifacts from ancient Greece. It was a trip back in time for all three of us (and a trip back to August for Chris and me).  From the museum, we headed to the Berliner Dom – an amazingly beautiful church whose architectural details are mind-boggling.  The real reason we went to this church was to ascend the 250+ stairs to its dome, which offers one of the best views of Berlin.  Climbing to the top of the dome may sound challenging, but the real challenge was the descent.  (that would be over 250 steps.  some solid uniform steps.  some wooden and less than uniform.)  Apparently, I am quite the stair-weenie when walking down itty-bitty circular staircases.

The Berliner Dom

Inside of the dome

View from the top on a foggy Berlin day

Walking along the remnants of the Berlin wall, we were treated to the Eastside gallery. Some of the artists’  murals gave great insight into life in East Germany and communism.

Dinnertime found us back near our flat enjoying an array of middle eastern treats.  As we finished our meal, a man walked by our table as he exited the restaurant.  This guy looked so familiar to me, but whom do we know in Berlin?  He actually solved the riddle for us.  He was our waiter the night before at a wonderful italian restaurant down the street.  Turns out the two restaurants are related.  And both were fabulous.  Lucky us!

Oh, just had to include this. Our flat was very nice, but the wallpaper was questionable. This was the accent wall in our bedroom. The poppy in the center is about as tall as I am.


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