And, we’re walking.

Today began and ended with a walk.

First up – I walked to my favorite Vasteras bakery, Kopparlundens Bageri, for a loaf of bread and ended up with a great loaf of bread, a palmier (just so I could compare it to the ones we make at school) and a little ghost cookie (because it was cute!).

today's purchases from the bakery

Took my goodies home and set off to the System Bolaget (the Swedish liquor store) to pick up some wine.  Note to self, five bottles of wine is the maximum you can carry while walking home.  Especially when also toting a new baking stone.  Why five bottles of wine, you ask?  Because we are having many guests for dinner tomorrow night.  More on that later.

I made it home without dropping any of the very breakable items and set to prepping for tomorrow’s dinner.  The baklava is all done; it just has to sit overnight to absorb the syrup.  I think it looks good, but you can judge for yourself:


I also started the focaccia.  The dough will hang out in the ‘fridge until tomorrow afternoon.  Making focaccia is so much fun because I spray water into the hot oven (to produce steam).  Okay, I am easily amused, I know.   Anyway, the new baking stone will make it’s debut tomorrow when I bake the focaccia.  Yum.

And this evening, Chris and I walked to the ABB Arena to watch our first VIK Hockey game.  Unfortunately, the local team lost 3-2.  But we had a great time, anyway.  It seemed like the rowdy group filled the seats behind one of the goals (just like the Sounders’ games).  They’re up on their feet the whole game, cheering and waving team flags.  Their cheers were, of course, in Swedish.  I didn’t know what they were saying, so I made it up.  In English.  One cheer, to my ear, was Vestibule, Vestibule!’  Catchy, don’t you think?

exterior sign at the hockey arena

Vik Hockey (black and yellow)

THE place to sit - the rowdy fans

Our outing ended with a pleasant walk home – no precipitation and not too cold.  Good walking weather.

And for the record, I think the goalies should wear red helmets (because I am used to seeing red caps on the water polo goalies).  Wonder to whom I speak about that.  Hmmm.  I bet you are thinking that I should just keep it to myself.  Perhaps that’s a good idea.  Okay.  Will do.

But speaking of water polo goalies… I have had some great messages from Max.  Lucky me!  It feels really strange that I have recently spent time with Rachel and not Max.  I know it will balance out once we return to the States, but for now it feels odd.   (so, here’s a shout out to Max!)

Max driving the jeep (note the lack of doors!)

Thank goodness for email, Facebook, and Skype.  I love being able to so easily keep in touch with Max and Rachel.  And all of you, too!

the photo that greets me when I turn on my computer


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