Oh wait.  I detailed the alarming start to our day in Stockholm, but I never said anything about actually being in Stockholm.  Let me fix that.

What a great day.  The big deal this visit was Ostermalms Saluhal.

Ostermalms Saluhal

It is a huge indoor market.  And they have everything (well, accept Fish Throwers.  They’re only at Pike Place Market in Seattle).  Check out some of my favorite displays:

And then, of course, there were stalls that made reminded me why I chose the baking program over the culinary program:

Teeth! And eyes!

Feet! And heads!

Yes.  It is true. I am a kitchen weenie.  But you knew this and accepted it a long time ago.  Didn’t you?  So, back to my kind of market photos:


We also walked by the water and enjoyed the sunshine, ducked into the bakery on Riddargatan for a cup of coffee, perused the shops a bit, … and eventually rode the bus back home to Vasteras.  An extra bonus for the day — Sweden turned their clocks back one hour Saturday night (fall back, spring forward).  One extra hour to sleep!


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