Lucky me!  My birthday lasted for days.  It began when Rachel took me to the Prague Royal Orchestra’s performance in the Municipal House.

The Municipal House, Prague

We thoroughly enjoyed the performance: Pachelbel’s Canon in D, Mozart’s Divertimento D, and Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.  The music was beautiful, as were our surroundings.

Check out the interior of the Municipal Bldg!

But seriously, all this couldn’t hold a candle to my date!

My date, Rachel.

After the concert, we set out to find Rachel’s favorite dessert, palachinka. Unfortunately, Rachel’s favorite stop for palachinka was closed.  But that afforded us the opportunity to seek out  a new restaurant and try their palachinka.  Well, we never did find a restaurant that was still open AND served palachinka, which is (I’m told) a delicious local version of crepes.  They will be on the ‘must have’ list for my next visit to Prague.  I did, however, enjoy a walking tour of part of Prague and time to chat with Rachel.  But you know, we both wanted a little sweet treat to end our evening.  So, we shared two slices of scrumptious cake (one slice of one cake, one slice of another).


Yes, we ended up at McDonalds.  Really.  But just look at these slices of cake.  McDonalds in The States definitely does not serve this.  And it was on real plates, too!  And the cake was quite good.  At McDonalds.  Go figure.

So my birthday celebration had really begun one day, but according to the calendar, it was really two days later.  Rachel and her friends started my birthday by singing a wonderful rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ at midnight.  How fun is that? (I’d say, quite fun.  And surprising, too).

On my actual calendar birthday day, I spent the morning with Rachel and headed off to the airport (she took me to the train and sent me on my way – with great directions – so she could go to class).  For the record, I held it together when I said goodbye because I will see Rachel in Sweden next weekend.  You all know me; I’m not so good with good-byes.   (can we say that is part of my charm?  No?  Okay.)

Prague Airport

Anyway, I headed back to Sweden, with a stop in Zurich.

I took the bus from Arlanda (Stockholm’s airport) back to Vasteras and enjoyed a beautiful ride.  The bus had wifi!  But, I didn’t stay on-line long — the scenery was just too beautiful: farmland, countryside, water, sunset, autumn leaves,…

Chris met me at the Vasteras station and cooked a delicious birthday dinner at home.  My day ended with texts from Max.  What a birthday – I spent it with all three bears even though they were in three different countries.  I also received greetings, from friends and family back in The  States, thanks to phones, Facebook, and email.  What a great day.


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