Prague with Rachel

Visiting Rachel in Prague was wonderful.  Simply wonderful.  From beginning to end.  So, let’s take it from the beginning:

I had strict instructions to exit the Prague airport, walk to our designated meeting place, and call her.  Well, I was pleasantly surprised to see her waiting, flowers in hand, just outside the exit.  She looked beautiful!  Happy, radiant, healthy, beautiful!  I was so happy to see her. And hug her!  We had ample time to catch up on our bus, train, and tram rides to her apartment.  I was immediately impressed by her knowledge of Prague and the Czech language.  She is completely at home.  And speaking of home, check out (or Czech out) her apartment building!

Rachel's building. She and her roommates share the top floor (the penthouse suite).

Her window is that beautiful one at the very top of the building,and it provides a lovely view:

View from Rachel's bedroom

After we dropped off my stuff at the apartment, Rachel took me to the Prague Castle area.  She was an excellent tour guide, providing insightful commentary on the castle and surrounding area while allowing me to play tourist.

Me. Playing tourist.

First stop: The Charles Bridge.  Legend has it, those that touch the image of the Czech martyr saint being thrown from the Charles Bridge guarantee their return to Prague.  You bet I touched it.  On to the castle and surrounding buildings.  Rachel was very indulgent, letting me stare, sometimes open mouthed, at the absolutely amazing architecture.

Prague Castle
Prague Castle Church

Prague Castle  and the surrounding buildings are sights to be seen. The buildings’ detail simply boggles my mind.  And while I am amazed, interested, and awed by these buildings, I must admit that I don’t find them all inviting.  But that’s okay – because I wasn’t invited to live in them anyway, right?


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