Daily Tasks

Somedays are just Becky Homecky days.  Few things are more domestic than doing laundry and baking, right? Now, those that know me, know I am not big on basements.  I think this stems from looking at so many icky, cobwebby basements when we were house hunting (and those of you that have known me for a long time know I have done more than my fair share of house hunting).  While I appreciate the storage basements provide,  I don’t like the creepiness, crawliness, or dankness.  So, I was a bit less than thrilled to learn that our laundry facilities are located in the basement.  Add to it, the laundry room is like a bunker, something from the television show LOST.  Here’s how it goes:  walk down the stairs, unlock a solid metal door that is HEAVY and has a spring so it closes quickly (and will amputate a finger if you aren’t careful), press the light switch – and clang!- the lights come on in a distant room, with a clang noise.  Then, a few seconds later, the lights come on in the main room.

This door is thick!

It’s a large, white room with a huge press on the left.  It looks like a medieval torture device, but I’ve been told (thanks, Erik!) that it is really a sheet press from the 1940’s.

the sheet press

On the right is a huge electrical panel; it must control the electricity for all the units in our building.  The, there’s another metal door that leads to the actual laundry room.  Seriously, it looks like a bunker.  A very clean and pleasant bunker, but bunker-ish just the same.  And therefore, kind of creepy.

The bunker

I had a bit of a language barrier with the washer.  There are simple symbols, but some are new to me.  And of course all the words are in Swedish.  (of course!)  I thought I had it all figured out.  Did many loads of laundry.  Then, our friend, Erik, took a look at the washer.  I had been putting the laundry detergent in the softener’s spot.  Hmmm, maybe our stuff isn’t as clean as I thought.

So, the laundry was doing its thing and it was time to make cookies.  I had all the ingredients I needed but some were a bit different than in the US.  The brown sugar, for instance, is like granulated sugar with molasses.  The cookies turned out fine, just with a little different taste.  Not better, not worse; just different.  Check out the action photo.  The dress code for baker’s helpers is pretty formal!


Baker's Helper


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