Boats and Trains

We took the train to Stockholm and played tourist.  First stop was a wonderful little bakery.  It was everything I expected of a European bakery.  Small retail area with a few tables and chairs, large assortment of fresh bread beautifully displayed, and the bakery in the back.  While I really wanted to order one of everything, I simply ordered coffee and a cinnamon bun: a traditional Swedish kanelbulle, beautifully made and topped with dessert sugar.

Fika (coffee break)

After out pit stop, we walked to the Vasa museum.  Even though I was briefed on the museum’ s contents, I was blown away.  The Vasa sank in 1628 and lay at the bottom of the sea until it was recovered in 1961.  And here she was, restored and displayed right before me!  Fantastic!


The photo of the actual ship is dim, but it gives you an idea of the scale.  The smaller reproduction (below) shows detail and original color for the same section.

After touring the museum, we strolled around Stockholm for the rest of the day.  I loved it all: the buildings, the cobblestone streets, the military band (surprise treat), the boats, the water, the sunset, …


We went to Chokladkoppen for what is rumored to be the best hot chocolate.

Chakladkoppen is the middle building

There were people tucked into every open space, or so it seemed. I asked about ordering take-away.  The barista told me that they were too busy to offer takeaway at that time .(!!)  So we left empty handed.  Choklad will be a priority when we return to Stockholm in November (with Rachel and her friends).  I look forward to wrapping up in a blanket, sitting outside, sipping hot chocolate,  and watching the people walk by in the square.

We took the train back to Vasteras, enjoying the sunset and the views.  Then, it was just a short walk back to our apartment.  What a fun day.

at the train station



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  1. Hat, gloves, scarf, and a big coat. What will you do when it snows…?

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