Shop ’till you drop?

I had a little shopping day.

The weather is a bit chillier than I expected, so I’d like a hat and gloves.  I found a few items at H&M (did you know H&M started right here in Vasteras, Sweden in 1947?), but couldn’t buy them.  My credit card has no chip or code and they couldn’t process the transaction.  (Silly American!)  I was able to withdraw cash from the ATM (and feel quite pleased with myself) and went back to the store to make my purchases.  Then, I headed off to find the yarn shop (garn shop).  Google maps provided basic directions, but not a lot of specifics on the street names.  And then again, there are some streets that look like someone had a shopping spree on Wheel of Fortune (“Pat, I would like to buy half of the alphabet, please”).

Anyway, I found the garn shop!  And I even deciphered the labels enough to buy garn!  Yippee, a new project.  And a bonus – I made it home way new way without getting lost.  Yay.

After Chris returned from work, we actually hit a few stores in an attempt to finish outfitting our apt.  We went to Ikea to pick up the last of the necessary linens and Biltema for odds and ends (scale, mixer, pastry brushes, ice scrapers, etc).  Apparently, we were very last minute customers in the Biltema, but we had no idea what they were announcing throughout the store.   Whoopsie.


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