Day Two

Time to clean the apt and really settle in (this was actually Tuesday, October 11).  Chris headed off to work and I worked on the apartment.  Like a hero riding in on his white horse, Chris, once again, saved the day – this time by coming home at lunchtime with… an ethernet cable!  Yay!  I could connect to the outside world.  The US.  And Prague.  Oh, happy day.

I also took a little walk around town.  It was pretty cool to find some places I remember from the last time I visited Vasteras.  That was many years ago (Rachel was in 6th grade and Max was in 4th, so it had to be 2003).  I found a place Max used as a little jump to do snowboard-style tricks (w/o the board) and the treehouse that is really a hotel room.  Made me miss the kids.  Anyway, the biggest deal about this walk was that I didn’t get lost.  I couldn’t have asked for help because I don’t know my address!  Anyway, I found some cool stores, the bank, a small Ica (grocery), etc.  After dinner, we did a few errands and stopped off at Erik’s house.  What a treat.  It was great to see our old friend and his sons, meet his new girlfriend, and meet an old friend of his.  A little coffee, a little conversation.  So nice.

Okay, then there’s jet lag.  Chris and I woke up at 3 something.  Wide awake.  So, we got dressed, put on out coats, and headed outside for a walk.  What a beautiful night.  Clear sky, full moon, lots of stars.  And we had the city to ourselves – go figure!  We came home and had breakfast.  Chris headed off to work and I actually took a nap.



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2 responses to “Day Two

  1. It would be 3 something because 15 something is 3 in the afternoon.

    Can’t wait to see the apartment for myself!!

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